"Based upon on our professional association over the past several years White Castle can recommend their services with complete confidence. Service has been in a timely and proficient manner including unscheduled service which is a vital criteria for our operation."

Tony McGraw, Plant Manager
White Castle Distributing, LLC

"I utilize ecotech for all my solid waste needs at all of my 22 Waffle House stores and they provide courteous, cost effective services. I strongly recommend ecotech if you have a need for solid waste container collection and recycling."

Douglas Finnesand, President and Owner
Derby City Waffles, LLC

"The City of New Albany partnered with ecotech to provide solid waste collection for the City residential homes. We have enjoyed an excellent relationship. Our expectations are significant and ecotech meets or exceeds those expectations. They have also gone above and beyond their contract requirements to provide additional services at no charge for the City which was greatly appreciated. They are easy to do business with and we highly recommend them."

Mayor Jeff Gahan
City of New Albany, Indiana

I had an experience with an ecotech representative today that I would like to share. I am not sure to whom this should go to so I am hoping that whomever is receiving this will forward it to the right person in your management team.

Our trash is scheduled to be picked up every Friday. As a family of seven it is very important that we not forget to set the trash out the night before. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten. My husband works full time and is also a Lieutenant for our local Volunteer Fire Dept. He rushes home from work on Thursdays, and leaves again to make training and his shift at the Fire Department not returning until early on Friday mornings. As a family of seven it is often chaos in our home and a missed trash service makes this momma panic.

Today after dropping our daughter off at the bus stop I realized that Chris had forgotten to set the trash out, trying not to miss the bus I went on. On my way back from the bus stop I panicked because the garbage truck was pulling up in front of the house, and god knows with our large family it is not pretty if we miss trash day. No worries though, the gentleman conducting our service today was awesome. He acknowledged me and with the biggest smile walked half way up my drive to relieve me of the tote full of trash I was trying to rush to the street. I apologized for not having it at the curb and tried to explain my husbands hectic Thursday schedule. He assured me it was ok, took the tote to the truck and kindly returned the can. Never breaking his smile he wished me a good day and was on his way.

There are still very kind people in this world and often times the small gestures of their kindness go unrecognized. That gentleman made my day! Thank you ecotech for your service! I hope you will give additional gratitude to your employee, in my opinion he went above and beyond and truly made my day. Good customer service is hard to come by these days, you are fortunate to have such a good employee. I will continue to share my experience with my friends and family, and I will pay that same kindness forward!

Amy Atkinson
Louisville, KY

I just want to take a minute and brag on our weekly route driver! He is AWESOME!!! I am not sure if this is where I need to send compliments, but I figured if not it would get forwarded to where it needs to go!

We have a son, Tucker, that will be two in just a couple of weeks. He gets so excited when we sees the garbage truck coming. He loves big trucks! Our garbage man always smiles and waves at our kiddo as I am loading him in the car. This morning he was a few houses up, so we decided to stop and watch that way Tucker could see how the truck works. Our garbage man honked the horn lightly while driving up, smiling and waving at our son as he did his daily job. Tucker got so excited and thought he was one cool dude!! As a mom, that smile on your child’s face is the best way to start out any morning!! On the way to daycare that is all he was saying…Garbage Truck with the biggest smile on his face.

Thank you for great customer service! Even if it is just a friendly smile and wave!!! Those small gestures are huge in a 2 year olds eyes and a momma’s heart!!!

Amy Phillips
Shepherdsville, KY