ecotech has been a regional leader in US Green Building Council initiatives. Specifically, ecotech was the first Solid Waste Company in the area to follow LEED guidelines in regards to construction waste management. As stipulated under the Materials & Resources section of the LEED project scorecard, Credit 2 requires 50% diversion rate for one base point or 75% diversion for the maximum credit of two. These points can be very important towards your total project goals of basic certification, or better yet, one of the three upper certificates of Silver, Gold or Platinum. ecotech can help you achieve certification, by efficiently labeling, hauling, and marketing your construction debris per USGBC guidelines. Let our experienced and trained professionals share their knowledge of "Going Green" for your future construction projects as well as any commercial and industrial applications you may have.

Please visit the U.S. Green Building Council website or contact us more information.