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General Information

The Clark-Floyd Landfill is located along State Road 60 in Southern Indiana. In 2007, the owners of ecotech were awarded a thirty year franchise agreement to manage and operate the landfill. Owned by Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana, the landfill is a fully permitted Sub-Title D waste disposal and recycling facility receiving approximately 800 tons per day of municipal, commercial and industrial solid waste, as well as construction & demolition debris (CD&D), and special waste materials.

The landfill accepts approximately 800 tons per day of municipal solid waste and construction demolition debris (CD&D). In addition, the facility collects landfill gas generated within the waste mass with 61 collection wells and converts it to 3.5 MW of electricity which is distributed by the local utility to households and businesses.

Environmental Protection

The landfill conducts material recovery operations to salvage metals, paper, cardboard and wood to defer reusable materials, and continues to implement a 4 point environmental protection program which:

  • Meets Federally and State mandated siting criteria for this type of facility.
  • Outfitted with engineered base liners, leachate management systems as required by IDEM and Federal subtitle D regulations.
  • Monitoring the performance of the engineered components by utilizing groundwater monitoring wells; perimeter gas monitoring wells, stormwater quality monitoring, and construction quality control and assurance and regulatory inspections during construction.
  • Implemented management controls including routine employee training management certification required by IDEM, landfill gas extraction, leachate (wastewater) collection and treatment, stormwater collection and treatment, fugitive dust management, and emissions management.


The landfill is planning to expand its operations to the north and overlay onto the existing northern sideslope of the facility. This landfill expansion will provide nearly 20 years of disposal capacity for the region and will construct 60 acres of landfill liner and an additional sedimentation basin to support the landfill operations. The landfill will be maintained for a minimum of 30 years following final closure of the landfill as required by IDEM requirements. Adjacent to the landfill’s northeast property holdings, the landfill has entered into a business relationship with a pottery company to locate its operations and utilize landfill gas to fuel its kiln. A general location map is attached which shows the existing landfill and the proposed expansion boundaries with respect to its surroundings.

Clark-Floyd Landfill

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